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Fermentation unlocks nature’s potency

Terranova launches a new range of Fermented Botanicals and Wholefoods. Fermentation is an ancient practice that has been used in food processing for thousands of years. Fermentation was and still is used as a means of preservation, to improve taste and texture of foods as well as improve digestibility and nutritional profile. Common fermented foods include beer, wine, yogurt, tempeh, kimchi and sourdough bread. Recently however, research around fermentation has increased, with the findings showing amazing benefits of this food processing technique.

Microorganisms have always been entangled with our body and have a symbiotic relationship with us. There are more microbes in our gut than cells in our body. The microbiome is an ecosystem of microbes, fungi, yeasts and other life forms.

This microbiome has helped us to transform wild plants to set free molecules that we have been using for health and survival since millions of years.

A healthy microbiome is paramount to an optimal transformation in the gut. As our microbiome is less prepared than ever to “transform” medicinal and other plants, we opted to do this in a controlled way.

Fermedics, our supplier of fermented botanicals and wholefoods, uses these microorganisms in controlled fermentation processes. Fermentation in an optimal non-competitive way to just obtain the properties that we want to achieve. In some cases, they use different fermentation steps with different microorganisms to get the desired result. Bioavailability is one of the most important goals.

Fermedics choose 100% pure, potent and sustainable raw materials, where possible from organic farming and fair trade. Their preferred way of working is to transform the whole plant matrix in order to harvest all possible synergistic effects within the plant.

Terranova demonstrates an evidence-based holistic approach to product development. The combination of both fermentation and fresh freeze drying methods produces the most biochemically active and nutritionally enhanced products.


-Fermentation increases bioavailability of certain nutrients

-Fermentation increases antioxidant activity

-Fermentation increases digestibility

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