Christoforos Merousis

Marathon Champion
# 1 Greek Male Marathon Runner 2013-2014- 2015, Olympic Games 2016 Competitor

"TERRANOVA products are completely different to what I had been used to. However, what made me distinguish them from the rest was the effect they had on my performance! That’s why now I won’t start my day without Life Drink and Living Multinutrient. Easy Iron Complex has also been a huge help and Glucosamine, Boswelia & MSM Complex was an essential part of my program while recovering from an injury only weeks before the Rio Olympic Games!"

100% Assitive Free
100% Assitive Free

Rania Rempouli

Marathon Champion
#1 Greek Female Marathon Runner 2015, Olympic Games 2016 Competitor

"Since I have discovered that TERRANOVA products are 100% free from manufacturing additives, I feel so much safer taking supplements. I greatly appreciate the unique pure supplements philosophy; real wholefoods and vitamins and synergistic formulations. I felt the difference in my body in the very first weeks!”

Panagiotis Dimopoulos

Triathlon Champion

"For me, Terranova supplements are so unique in that the range provides solutions for every need, from low energy to endurance and recovery, and even for my demanding triathlon training with the most natural, additive-free and safe ingredients. Terranova also offers a wider range of products for general well being, all made with the highest quality & organic wholefood botanicals"

100% Assitive Free
100% Assitive Free

Gregory Spyriounis

Finswimming Trainer
Trainer of Champions

"The naturality and the effectiveness are the two reasons I advise my athletes to use TERRANOVA. I feel everyday that these products help them to succeed in reaching their targets. ΤΕRRANOVA Beetroot, Reishi & Cordyceps Super-Blend along with Cordyceps, Rhodiola & Ginseng Super-Blend support their heavy training programme. For every nutrition, energy and rehabilitation need (vitamins, minerals, glucosamine etc) we trust TERRANOVA!”

Efi Sipsa

Endurance Athlete
2-Time Ironman Finisher

"Supplements with organic raw materials and 100% additive free – the best choice I could ever make! My pre-workout training shake includes ΤΕRRANOVA Beetroot, Reishi & Cordyceps Super-Blend together with Cordyceps, Rhodiola & Ginseng Super-Blend and Intense Maca & Reishi Super Shake. I use Life Drink after my trainings and, of course, Glucosamine, Boswelia & MSM Complex."

100% Assitive Free
100% Assitive Free

Sigurjón Erni

Men's Champion of þrekmótaröðin
Cross-Fit Tournament 2015

"Life Drink has contributed to better physical balance with me, helps me recover faster after workouts gives the body the important nutrition that contributes to improved performance both in sports and in daily routine."​