Best New Product Award: Mushroom Synergy

“We are so grateful for this wonderful recognition of our new Mushroom Synergy formulation. This product perfectly represents Terranova’s founding philosophy of emphasizing whole plant ingredients, rather than just fractions of an original adulterated plant. Thank you so much for everyone who made this possible!”

Stephen Terrass MRNT,
Terranova Founder & Formulator

Why Terranova Mushroom Synergy is so different?

We are one of only a small number of brands in the world:
– to use the unique full-spectrum form of organic medicinal mushrooms (including the primordia, mycelium, fruiting bodies as well as extra-cellular compounds)
– which are then fresh freeze-dried, in order to protect and retain the mushroom’s potency, biochemical integrity and enzymatic activity
– without any additives, excipients, sweeteners, fillers or binders.


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