From Model to MD. A day in the the life of Agneta Kleizienė

Today we talk to Agneta. She is the mother of a 3 year old son, entrepreneur, former model with a business management bachelor degree. If that’s not enough, she has also studied in medical school for 2 years.  Then she met her future husband, who is a former NBA player and they have since traveled through many countries together .We wanted to know so much more about her so she kindly answered the following few questions.

How important is balanced nutrition for you and your beauty?

I think balanced nutrition makes a huge impact to my personal wellness and beauty and I do have examples of other people too. If I start cheating with my diet I immediately start dealing with psoriasis and fatigue.

Describe a typical day’s food diary. 

My typical breakfast is omelette and dark bread with cucumber, tomatoes and avocado (yes, I have full breakfast), coffee break at midday (I recently started taking dandelion coffee with some “innocent” cookies) and then after a few hours I have my lunch which depends on mood, but on summer I usually have cold soup and salad with protein to keep me full until the evening, but before my supper I do make berries smoothie (blueberries, raspberries or any berries depending on local market catch with coconut milk and some super food powder, like Life Drink). In the evening I cook my family different meals, usually something from the market, salad or sometimes we go for mushroom pizza (I know it’s bad – but we all love pizza. 🙂

Talk us through your skincare routine. 

I guess my biggest skin care goal is to hydrate and never use drying cleansers or tonics, because it dries out my skin and damages my skin barrier which is most important for water loss or eczema breakouts. So a.m and p.m I wash my face with  a rich cleanser and then I always spray hydrating mist that contains saccharides or algae, which soothes my skin. Then I apply hyaluronic acid serum, eye serum and peptides on top. If I have some acne spots I treat them with mild acids. I don’t have time for masks in the evening so I just apply layers of serums and straight to bed. I always regret using not enough of Vitamin C serums though..

Are there things that you have changed in your nutrition/ lifestyle/ beauty routine dramatically since you were a top model?

Well first of all I was never a top model:) but at that time I was so young and did not care a lot 🙂 after I stopped modeling I started studying aesthetics at medical school and things got much better.

Do you use supplements? 

Always! I cannot live without turmeric, good bacteria and algae and I also mix superfoods with my smoothies depending on my mood of the day.

You are a business woman now, importing various beauty and wellness brands in your country. Why did you choose Terranova?

Because of the power of nature! Humans now are so into technologies and artificial things, but they have forgotten where they came from and that Mother Nature nurture us all and technologies like freeze drying helps us to survive fast life nutrition habits.

What’s your go to Terranova products and why?

Now it’s Hyaluronic acid & Silica! But I also am a big fan of Vegan Omega Oil, because I use these omegas on my salads and grains and I am big believer in beauty and omegas. I take enzymes when I cheat with my diet and turmeric root with almost everything I eat.

Are there any new wellness habits you wish to adopt the next 6 months?

Oh yes! I need to try to stay away from sugar (I have sugar cravings 100 times per day and maybe I should start taking chromium again..) and avoid white bread – bye bye cookies!


Thank you for your time Agneta! We hope all of you readers pick up some great tips.

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