My Beauty-full Synergy by Terranova

It is well known that Natural Beauty radiates from the inside out. This is understandable, since our skin is in fact our largest organ, connecting every part of the body through a vast network of tissues, lymphatic and blood vessels. Providing nourishment from within and protection from without. So a truly natural & holistic approach to beauty encourages balance & harmony from within by providing whole-body support, with intensely nourishing nutrients, synergistically balanced and combined with the protective power of plants.

Terranova expands its range with 2 new products that bring real innovation in the beauty field: Terranova Hyaluronic Acid Complex and Terranova Silica 150mg Complex.

Terranova Hyaluronic Acid Complex: Terranova is the first company in Europe to launch a product containing the innovative new form of hyaluronic acid called ExceptionHYAL Star. ExceptionHYAL Star is the world’s first full-spectrum molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid have different properties and the benefits and applications of hyaluronic acid differ depending on the molecular weight of the raw material being used. Find more about its ingredients here

Silica 150mg Complex: Terranova’s Silica Complex is significantly higher strength than most silica products on the market, providing 150mg silicon per capsule. This high concentration of organic silica is made possible by our use of a special extract from bamboo shoots (nature’s richest known plant source of this mineral). Find more about its ingredients here

Terranova Beauty Complex: Our award-winning Beauty Complex is one of Terranova’s most popular specialized health support formulations. This product was designed to support the integrity of the skin, hair and nails and features a combination of organic Sulphur (MSM), botanicals rich in silica and other structural nutrients, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin C and much more. Find more about its ingredients here

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