7 Simple Swaps for a Superior Snack

We all want to be a little healthier but it can often become overwhelming when we deny ourselves all of the things we like.
Make it a little simpler for yourself and rather than eliminating things from your diet entirely, it’s easy it is to switch out a few things for a healthier option.
What to swap:
1. Sugar – swap refined white sugar sugar for dates or agave.
2. Chocolate biscuits – Dark chocolate covered rice cakes
3. Ice Cream – Blend bananas & freeze
4. Cream crackers – oatcakes
5. Cereal – porridge, homemade granola or muesli
6. Crisps – roast chickpeas & season with herbs and spices
7. Fizzy drinks – Fill a glass with 1/2 fruit juice & 1/2 soda water
Try those out & let us know what you think 🙂

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