SmoothMag Midnight Feast

Everyone loves overnight oats but we’re all about late night oats. This recipe is for those who get hungry and snack late in the evening. Swap your sugary cereal and snacks for this nutritious bowl of goodness!

1 mug of chamomile tea
1 handful of goji berries
1 handful of mulberries
1 tablespoon of chopped dark chocolate
1 teaspoon of cacao nibs
1 spoon of sunflower seeds
1 cup of oats
1 tablespoon of maple syrup
1 sachet of Terranova Smooth Mag

1. Make a cup of chamomile tea and add to your bowl of oats. Leave to cool & soak.
2. Mix in your sachet of Terranova Smooth Mag.
3. Add all the other ingredients
4. Enjoy!

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