What is Synergy? – an interview with Stephen Terrass


Wholefoods Wholesale, Ireland’s largest distributor of natural products, speaks to Terranova CEO and founder, Stephen Terrass, about synergy – the key to the extraordinary effectiveness of Terranova products.

WW What is synergy?
ST Synergy occurs when interactions between two or more compounds produce effects greater than the sum of their effects when taken individually – just imagine two plus two equalling six or seven instead of four.

WW How does this apply to nutritional supplements?
ST When we refer to nutritional synergy this describes the thousands of biochemical interactions which take place in the body between vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes, etc. We rely on countless nutritionally synergistic interactions to sustain life, since their collective functions cannot be achieved by the nutrients on their own. EVERY nutrient is dependent on other compounds to work fully. The key to synergy in supplementation is to ensure, as much as possible, that the product provides all necessary tools to absorb, utilise, activate and metabolise every nutrient in that product. Absorption is only one small piece of the puzzle.

WW But aren’t ALL supplements which combine nutrients synergistic?
ST A very valid question! It’s true that even a basic multivitamin is, by its very nature, synergistic, at least to a degree. But a nutrient combination can be either a little synergistic, very synergistic or anywhere inbetween. To get the greatest effect from a supplement, you need to achieve as high a level of synergy as possible.

WW We’ve heard so many amazing stories from retailers and practitioners about the effects of Terranova products. What is it that makes Terranova synergy so superior?
ST Synergy doesn’t occur in a bottle – ONLY in the body, and even the healthiest of bodies are never going to provide a perfect environment for total nutrient synergy. Without question, this has been the main limitation of nutritional supplements over the years – companies have provided what are often excellent nutrient combinations, but without giving the body the means to generate the necessary synergy to maximise their potential benefits. THIS is where Terranova differs from other approaches to formulation. Terranova products provide not only the nutrients themselves, but also a MagniFood botanical complex designed to enhance the absorption, bioavailability, utilisation, activity, metabolism, stability, function and effect of the nutrients in that product, as well as generally making the body itself a much more synergistic environment for nutrients. This is the primary reason why people seem to experience an unusually high degree of benefit when they take Terranova nutritional products.

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