Folate or Folic Acid?

The terms “folic acid” and “folate” are often misused to describe Vitamin B9.

Folic acid, is actually a synthetic form of Vitamin B9, which is not found in nature, nor is it naturally found in the human body. For folic acid to be metabolized by our bodies, the body has a lot of work to do, using the enzymes FOLR2 and DHFR (which work  in the liver).

“In theory, supplementing with folic acid—the most common form of folate in supplement form—should provide the body with the folate it needs to convert dangerous homocysteine into safe methionine. Unfortunately, this readily available homocysteine-lowering regimen doesn’t work for everyone” (reference here) 

This is why at Terranova, we have folate available instead of folic acid. In summary,

– Folate is the BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE form (as
calcium L-methylfolate)
-We avoid the risks associated with standard Folic
acid in those with the MTHFR Mutation
You can find out more about Terranova Folate here.  

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