Take a Breath – A Mindful Breathing Technique

When was the last time you stopped and just thought about your breathing? It can be hard to focus, we are all busier than ever but it is so important to stop everyday and just take a moment. It will being about a sense of clarity and calm.

There are so many great techniques but here is one we like.
*Lie or sit comfortably.
*Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.
*Breath naturally and just observe your breath for about a minute.
*Slowly & consciously increase the length of your inhale until you feel your lungs are full.
*Repeat for 3 to 5 minutes.

Remember that it is completely natural for your mind to slip away and think about things you have to do, conversations, what’s happening around you etc. As you practice this regularly, it will become easier and easier to focus for the full five minutes. It’s important not to stress if you do lose track, just refocus and continue.

Some other great tools are meditation apps such as Insight Timer (Free) or Calms (subscription based). These provide guided and non guided meditations and you can choose the meditation based on how much time you have.

Wishing you a wonderful moment of meditation.

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