What is Synergy? – an interview with Stephen Terrass

Wholefoods Wholesale, Ireland’s largest distributor of natural products, speaks to Terranova CEO and founder, Stephen Terrass, about synergy – the key to the extraordinary effectiveness of Terranova products. WW What is synergy? ST Synergy occurs when interactions between two or […]

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BODY SYNERGY The future of supplements

As the raft of EU legislation casts an increasingly gargantuan cloud over the food supplement industry, it’s become difficult for even the most optimistic proponent of natural medicine to find a silver lining. Nevertheless, in perhaps the ultimate ‘holistic irony’, […]

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NUTRIENT BIO-SYNERGY Transforming the effectiveness of supplements

Nutraceuticals have, quite rightly, carved themselves a seemingly permanent niche in the future of healthcare. But is it possible that the food supplement industry has taken its collective eye off the signs which would lead to an even brighter future. […]

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TERRANOVA SYNERGY A revolution in the effectiveness of supplements

In my 36 years in the supplement industry, including more than a decade as Technical Director of Europe’s market-leading supplement company, I was extremely fortunate to experience first-hand the best that supplementation could offer. So, four years ago, when I […]

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